b. 1986, HK.

Richard is a Canadian-American fashion and portrait photographer based in between New York, Paris and Montreal.

After studying film and photography, he embarked on a successful career in fashion photography. His style is influenced by Modernist architecture, the cinéma of Kubrick and Hitchcock and photographic giants, such as Newton and Avedon. Richard is currently at work on his first short film and has two upcoming book projects.

Richard is a regular contributor to FRENCH, FASHION MAGAZINE and ELLE Canada and has also shot editorials for magazines including GRAZIA, PLEASE, Dressed to KILL, BULLETT, S Magazine, Vogue Brazil, Elle France, Elle Russia, Maxim, Palace Costes, Concorde, Blackbook, Rolling Stones Russia, and Glamour France. He has also shot portraits of Meghan Markle, Hailey Bieber, Devon Windsor, Lydia Hearst, Freida Pinto, Xavier Dolan, Rachel Roberts, Karine Vanasse, Elisabeth Harnois, Dita Von Teese, Hu Bing, Asia Argento, Chiara Mastroianni, Rachael Leigh Cook, Eva Doll, Jessica Paré and recording artists such as Icona Pop, Adam Cohen, Nelly Furtado, and the Chromatics.



Richard is one of the most talented and versatile photographers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His experience, creative insight, expertise and skilled eye are only complimented by the fact that he is calm, respectful and an excellent team player. Along with being a smart listener, he offers useful constructive comments and is adept in briefing shoot team members and models for a unified vision. From commercial to editorial photography, Richard’s photographs are not just images, they are short stories, and his skill is truly unparalleled in the industry.
— David Guarnieri, Creative Direction Manager, REITMANS
I have had the privilege and honour of working with Richard for over 5 years. Richard has a keen eye, an incomparable vision and a consistently beautiful aesthetic. He is always professional and exceptionally talented and has an ease about him that his colleagues gravitate towards. More importantly he is one of the kindest people which makes working with him an absolute pleasure. To gain the kind of respect and admiration he has in such a cut-throat industry is not only remarkable but rare. It’s photographers of his stature that contribute a level of appreciable artistry to the international fashion scene and make working in this industry truly gratifying.
— Zeina Esmail, Editor-at-Large, FASHION Magazine.
Working with Richard was an absolute treat! His insight and professionalism brought our project’s aesthetic to unexpected heights. We initially went with Richard for his stunning portfolio, but we quickly found out that working with him brings much more to a project than timeless stunning pictures... Richard is a modern day visionary! He understands and appreciates art to the purest of its form. His creative guidance turned out to be a key factor in establishing our brand’s image. He specifically handpicked his team and thus made the shooting experience one to remember. His poise and composure on set instills confidence to everybody around him. He’ll never cut corners and thrives for perfection. From contextualizing to editing, everything he touches turns to gold. Oh, and he’s a great guy too, it turns out.
— Chuck Bernard, FABRIKATE.
A true artist, I consider myself fortunate to have shot several of our campaigns with Richard. He truly captured the essence of the LAMARQUE woman and what we wanted to portray. He is a true visionary, works closely with the client and delivers a breath taking final result, every single time.
He has an incredible eye and he is so down to earth which makes it such a pleasure to work with him. His work is truly distinctive - you can immediately tell when an image was shot by Bernardin!
— Ifigenia Papadimitriou, Design Director, LAMARQUE.
J’ai la chance d’avoir travaillé avec Richard sur plusieurs campagnes pour la marque Shanghai Tang du Group Richmont. Pouvoir partager ma vision avec lui et voir comment avec son talent et sa sensibilité, il a su exprimer en image tout le travail effectué sur les produits, a été un formidable atout.

De Tanger, à Paris et de Séville à Hong Kong.... Richard a créé chaque fois une esthétique forte et élégante et imprime à la marque un code stylistique qui l’a poussé à nouveau sur le devant de la scène. Merci Richard.
— Raffaele Boriello, Creative Director, SHANGHAI TANG
Working with Richard Bernardin for two campaigns of Francesco Smalto was not only a great pleasure, but also an inspiring experience!

His way of expressing my creations through his photography was based on mutual understanding and having a incredible connection from the beginning. Not only was the result a story to tell but also the beginning of a great friendship... Thank you Richard!
— Youn Chong Bak, Designer & Creative Director, FRANCESCO SMALTO
I had been following Richard Bernardin’s work for a long time before I worked with him. I always appreciated his style, his elegance. Working with him now, I am impressed by his smiling and zen attitude, even when the pressure is on. Most of all, he knows how to surround himself with talented people and give them his trust. He has a rare understanding of team work.
— Monique Boisvert, Producer, MARCEL PRODUCTIONS
Richard Bernardin is one of my absolute favourite photographers to work with! Going into every shoot, I know with confidence that the images we produce will be my new favourites and lead to new work. His images are timeless, tasteful, sexy, and above all beautiful. He is always relaxed with a sense of confidence and calm, making his craft appear effortless. He is able to work the unworkable and rock a smile while doing it.
— Amy Lu, Fashion & Celebrity Stylist
Richard was a true gem to work with! Very professional and so enthusiastic about the project. Every detail was meticulous. He works magic and his rapport with the entire team made the day run smoothly. The outcome of the campaign surpassed our expectations and we look forward to the next one!
— Tiffany Ajmo, VP Marketing and Sales, BLUSH LINGERIE
Richard has been a key collaborator of Mackage for many years. He is an active listener who understands our creative vision and helps us take it a step further with every project. He brings a wealth of expertise and has opened up his network to build a stronger team. Collaborating on creative is always a magical moment with Richard.
— Elisa Dahan & Eran Elfassy, Designers & Founders, MACKAGE
Richard est un photographe hors du commun! Nous avons eu le plaisir de travailler ensemble plusieurs saisons consécutives. Il parvient à capturer l’instant magique, rendre une femme belle et séduisante. Richard domine son sujet et les attitudes de ses personnages restent toujours modernes! Sa façon de traiter les images me séduit totalement... So timeless and right! Ce que j’aime par-dessus tout chez Richard c’est sa bonne humeur!! Quel plaisir de travailler à ses cotés!
— Jane Lombard, Brand Image Director, SHANGHAI TANG
Working with Richard Bernardin is not only a privilege but it’s also a great human experience! Having the chance to collaborate with him for many years now gave me the opportunity to get to know someone who has a strong vision, a unique style but most of all being with someone that treats everyone onset with kindness and respect. He is not only one of the most talented photographers of his generation, but he is also is one of the nicest people I’ve crossed paths with in this business.

Seeing yourself through his lense and his eyes makes you feel strong, feminine, powerful and beautiful. Richard has a strong signature and a timeless and iconic take on photography but yet finds a way of keeping everything modern.
— MariPier Morin, Actress, Spokesperson and Television Host-Columnist.
Working with Richard for the first time exceeded not only my expectations but everyone else on our team as well. His work clearly shows his undeniable talent as a photographer, but what we loved the most about him, was his easy going and down to earth nature. It’s rare to find such a talented and respected photographer who treats every client as equally important.

The campaign we shot had to tell a story and within the first few shots his ability to truly capture the essence of our brand came to life. We are thrilled with the images and couldn’t have done it without him. He is also very very good looking!
— Jacqueline Harris & Mara Krainer, Co-Creators, SWING CONTROL
On behalf of Buffalo Jeans and David Bitton, we would like to extend our gratitude and utmost compliments to Richard for the exceptional Spring-Summer 2017 campaign that he shot for us. This official relaunch, which was pivotal for the brand image, was captured and executed with excellence.

Personally, I would like to applaud Richard’s gracious personality! It was a pleasure working with his sensibility to the brand’s vision and his ability to channel the essence and direction provided. His patience and overall willingness to be of any assistance were key factors in our overall performance. Richard’s professionalism on set topped with his evident talent brought the concept to life.

I look forward to working with him again personally and professionally in the near future, and have no doubt that he will leave everyone he encounters astonished by both his unprecedented work and charm.
— Brenna Dixon, Marketing & Licensing Manager, BUFFALO JEANS
Having worked both as Richard’s agent and with him as his client, I can truly say that he is one of the most talented photographers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. His photographic style is distinctive. His technical skills include an absolute mastery of natural as well as studio lighting. He has a keen eye for image composition and easily skirts the line between artistic and commercial. His efficiency on set and his easygoing demeanor make the overall experience of working with Richard pleasant and the results amazing.”
— Marine Godfroy, Marketing Director , M0851
Richard and I worked together for the inaugural campaign for the couture lingerie brand I founded, named Luna Mae London. I found him to be not only an exceptionally talented photographer, but also a great listener, and was able to understand and contribute to the concept I was looking for, delivering beautiful photography which I could not be happier with.

Our influences aligning, my first meeting with Richard assured me that he would be a perfect fit to portray exactly the essence of what I wanted to represent with my brand. Richard’s ability to capture the female form is remarkable and his eye for attention to detail is something I was able to fully appreciate, and witness, in his work. His wonderfully vibrant personality allowed everyone on set to have a great time, proving him to be an absolute pleasure to work with.

I felt as though the campaign Richard shot was a fully collaborative effort and I am already looking forward to our next project together.
— Claudia Lambeth, Founder and CEO, LUNA MAE LONDON
Richard Bernardin’s work stopped me in my tracks on several occasions throughout my life, long before I met him.I was taken by the strong identity and point of view of his work; both glamorous and sexy, as well as effortless yet composed.

I can say that after having had the pleasure of working with him, my view only improved! Richard has a professionalism and passion that is palpable and the ease and elegance of his photographs are evident in his very personality; Richard just lends his own traits and sensibilities to his work.

So it is my belief that if you like his work, you actually like Richard Bernardin himself.
— Adam Cohen, Musician and Singer-Songwriter.